Honorary Chairman

Galym, currently Chairman of a Private Investment Company, is the Founder of the first National Money in Kazakhstan, He was until 2016 the Director of the Institute of Parliamentary Systematics of the Lower House of the Kazakh Parliament, of which he was also a Member. He has served as CEO of the Narodnyi Pension Fund, President of the Kazakhstan Insurance Union, first Deputy of the CEO of JSC PostBank, President and Senior Consultant of Economic Policy Department, Advisor to the Prime Minister and mainly Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, Cabinet Member and Representative to the EBRD, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development of the International Monetary Fund. Galym has also held important positions at the Bank of Kazakh Agroindustry and the Soviet Union.
Galym has taught in London, at the Bank of England, UK, Special Course for Central Bank Presidents of CIA States, in New York at the Federal Reserve Bank, USA, in London, at the Rothschild Bank, UK, in Pretoria (Republic of South Africa) at the Central Bank of RSA and finally in Vienna (Austria), International Monetary Fund (IMF) UN, Course: "Economy and State Budget Management for the Members of Parliaments" and in Istanbul (Turkey) at the Government of Turkey.
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