IQE Europe, to date, has top-notch international partners in Finance and Banking, Commodities and Oil & Gas research, new technologies.

IQE Europe's partners include:

  • Asset Management,
  • Direct managers of Structured Finance,
  • International banks,
  • Certified project finance operators,
  • Funds,
  • Metaversal and peer to peer new technology companies,
  • International private bankers.
  • Roma Capitale
    The purpose of the foundation is to look at the growth opportunities for "the Eternal City”, Rome, through collaboration with private and public sectors as well as charities. The foundation focus is on planning, developing, promoting, and implementing projects that will have lasting impacts on the city and the surrounding region.
  • The Metaverse Standards Forum

    Building an Open Metaverse

    Interoperability is the bedrock of the metaverse, to enable multiple disruptive technologies to work together, to build bridges between applications to scale beyond a series of disconnected silos, and to evolve a platform that is open and inclusive for all.

  • Diodey - smart lighting system
    Diodey is an innovative lighting control system from anywhere in the world.
    Energy savings up to 80%.
    - creating a scenario of sunrise and sunset
    - timer for turning on and off the lighting
    - dimming (brightness change)
    - change RGB colors
    - statistics of spent wadding
    - control lighting without internet.
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