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Complete turnkey supply of windows and doors
The IQE Europe Division for the supply of turnkey operations for window and door manufacturing was born from the experience of our collaborators, directed by Antonio Pillon, gained over many years in the construction site sector and in the specific field of window and door manufacturing and related components.

In recent years the window and door market has obviously changed, increasingly involving a series of international exchanges between various high-profile technology suppliers and product analysis and installation operators.

The market increasingly needs related supranational players who combine quality and price with the demands that have always been alive on the Italian market regarding the final excellence of the product.

IQE Europe, thanks to its players of absolute excellence and reliability in the global market place, aims to be a reliable and convenient structure in step with the times and with the needs of modern shipbuilding.

What we do

For the reasons expressed above, we are able to design and support the client in the most suitable technical-commercial choice for the project both from the design side both in the choice of suppliers and installation service.

We have direct relationships with our suppliers, who have been loyal to us for years: especially with European manufacturers of PVC and aluminum frames, glass balustrades, verandas, sectional doors, EPS monoblocks with and without shutters.

All the products mentioned above are in the medium-high range but are absolutely competitive in terms of prices and performance.

Installation service: we have artisan companies loyal to the circuit and specialized for this type of service.

What we have already done

Our technology has been applied in various situations and used by our partners
Tirana Center (Tirana): double skin and sliding facade with thermal break
Accra (Ghana): facade and ribbon window
Sidney: punctual facade
Tirana office: punctual facade
Pontedera Hospital (Pisa - Italy): structural aluminum facade
Tirana offices and residential: transverse mullion facade
Montrouge Paris: structural facade
Sella Nevea (Udine – Italy): wood finish PVC frames, aluminum frames, aluminum glass parapets
and many more other interventions such us Casino Marseille (France), Hotel de Police (Paris), European Parliament Strasbourg, King's college London, etc.
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