Professionals Council Board

Nihat is a world-renowned entrepreneur and a private and Governative consultant. He is currently engaged as Project Organizer World Bank, Miga, Taiwan State, Taiwan Life Insurance, among other duties below, Nomura Securities. Meiji Life. Nihat is Partner of JGC Japan Gas CORP, CNPC CHINA National Petroleum CORP. A graduate of Nichidai Tokyo University, he has participated in countless Private and Government Projects as Consultant, Coordinator, for many Governments and Companies. As an example in Japan, he has overseen the product fields of Heavy & HI-Tech Industrial Area for Japan Jetro, Oda, Jica, Fuji Heavy, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hitachi, Toshiba. Nihat held positions as Assistant General Manager at Japan Heiwa for trade, industrial equipment at Southeast Asia Division in Hong.Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Australia and Malaysia. Nihat has assumed responsibilities as Responsable for Head of Sony, Subaru, Madza, Yahmaha, Seiko, Lexus, Cartier, P&C, Rover, BMW, GM, Ford, Hyundai, Taiwan Nissan. At the Automotive level, he has worked in China Mainland, all of Central Asia, and Europe. He developed the TEDA Zone in Tijanjin at the industrial level and has been involved in investments in Alternative Energy, Biomass and Oil & Gas in Iraq, China Mainland for the past decade. Nihat speaks English, Japanese, Chinese and Turkish.
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