Professionals Council Board

Riccardo, a graduate of University of Florence, faculty of "Medicine-Ophthalmology", Florence, Italy, speaks 3 languages: Italian, English and French. Riccardo started working as Area Manager at Diversey Spa (Monson Group) in the water field to become, in a few years, Commercial Director at IndustrialGomma Spa and Rigel Srl in Lucca (Italy).
The last Italian experience was in Affi (Verona) as Area Manager at Unici Spa (Insurance field).
After the Italian experience Riccardo started his international experience starting from Tunisia as the Commercial Director of Sama International; thanks to this experience Riccardo started to work as an international freelance with expertise in Corporate Financial Consulting - Commercial Consulting - Projects with non-refundable reimbursement - Investment management in European and non-EU areas - Tax exemption and company relocation - Tunisian commercial law expert.
After Tunisian experience Riccardo became the European Responsible of APIB & IT Trust Bank located in Miami and then the CEO of Valek Group in Albania.
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