Professionals Council Board

Muhamed is a highly accomplished and results-driven Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in international business partnerships and executive leadership.
As the CEO of IQ International Solution in Turkey, he has successfully led a reputable construction company specializing in electrical infrastructure projects and overseen all aspects of operations, from project planning and resource allocation to budgeting and risk management. Through his leadership, he has fostered and maintained strong relationships with international business partners, cultivating strategic alliances and driving business expansion globally.
In his previous role within a construction company, he spearheaded the export of petroleum products to various regions across the globe, establishing the company as a key player in the international market. Through the implementation of strategic initiatives, he optimized operational efficiency, reduced costs, and maximized profitability. He successfully negotiated and managed partnerships with major holdings in the United Arab Emirates, facilitating business growth and market expansion. He leds cross-functional teams in engineering, operations, logistics, and finance, ensuring seamless project execution and delivering superior customer service. By closely monitoring industry trends, regulatory changes, and market dynamics, he identified opportunities for business development and innovation.
He holds certifications as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Electrical Engineer (CEE). Furthermore, his fluency in Arabic and Turkish languages enhances his ability to engage effectively with partners and clients in international business environments.
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