Dr. Riccardo Tosatto


Riccardo, a graduate of Univesity of Turin, faculty of "Information Science", Turin, Italy, speaks 4 languages: Italian, English, Spanish and French.
Riccardo started working like a technical entrepreneur, programming and then directing people, in computer related activities meeting many kind of customers' fields of application like automotive at FIAT (actually Stellantis), logistics at TNT and Swiss Post, bank at San Paolo Bank of Turin (actually Intesa-San Paolo) and BIPOP, insurance at SAI Insurance, finance at Merfina (Mercedes’ financial company), health at Martini Hospital, telecommunication at CSELT (actually TI-Lab), training at ENEL and others.
Riccardo acquired expertise in buy-sell international contracts, above all cryptocurrencies and metals, financial operations and project financing, construction, IT projects (project manager and functional analyst).
In IT, Riccardo's knowledge vary from Project management and traditional programming languages, to Metaverse - Blockchain - GameFi or management of simple relational DB to end in training.
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