Financial Director

Vittorio is a very experienced professional in financial operations and expert in international economics.
Vittorio is professor at Economics Department of University Galileo Galilei and Popular University Nicholas Flamel in Milan (Italy) and has a Master degree in Innovation’s Economics and Management.
Vittorio is Director and Counselor of Bicocca Company in London, national counselor and speaker at Italian Senate for Gruppo Atlante 2000 projects and speaker at Romanian University of Sciences and Arts “GHEORGHE CRISTEA” in Bucharest (Romania).
Vittorio is President of CAD Australia and credited to UMACO Australia, he is the founder of CAD Milan (Italy) and the head of the Financial and Commercial Strategies Department of the CAD Finance Department
Vittorio is the head of the Finance Department of the Foundation for World Peace in Paris (France) for Tirana (Albania branch), Skopje (Macedonia branch) and Vatican City.
Vittorio is credited at “Zona Especial Canaria” (ZEC) in Tenerife for companies internalization and was a speaker at “XXI Conferencia Zonas Francas De Las Americas” at Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
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